Advanced Tissue Regeneration
Eyedrops for the healing
of chronic Cornea Ulcers

CACICOL® is the first medical device based on Regenerating Agents (RGTA®) Technology for the treatment of resistant corneal ulcers and corneal dystrophies.

CACICOL® restores the eyes own healing power by reconstructing the extracellular matrix in the wound area. Published literature shows that in most cases healing begins within one week, together with a decrease in pain.  The drops  provoke no discomfort whatsoever, being well tolerated and non-toxic.

Healthy Tissue

Any tissue or organ consist of cells, and outside of the cells is an extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM represents a frame support for cells, constituted of proteins such as collagen, elastin, fibronectin, laminin, etc…These proteins are organized in network through sugars based polymers called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as heparan sulfate (HS).
This scaffold between proteins of the ECM and GAGs is responsible for matrix architecture maintenance and regulates cells behavior.
A major role of HS is the storage of various proteins implied in cell cross talk such as growth factors and cytokines. These natural signals are responsible for the natural process of cell-to-cell replacement that occurs during tissue homeostasis.
This equilibrium is destroyed during wound process.

Wounded tissue


During wound process, HS are degraded and therefore will not protect any longer matrix proteins and growth factors. They are quickly replaced by less specific factors provided by circulating and inflammatory cells which will trigger wound healing.
Wounds become chronic as healing is not completed and repaired tissue is destroyed, then repaired and destroyed again… How to stop this endless cycle?


Extracellular Matrix protected
Scaffold reconstituted

CACICOL® penetrates into the micro-clefts of the wounded ECM to interact with proteins and growth factors so to replace the naturally degraded HS on the site of the injury.
CACICOL® protects from inside matrix proteins, hence restoring the matrix architecture. Newly synthesized growth factors will also be protected and positioned back in the matrix scaffold so cells will see a micro-environment close to the healthy tissue. Cells will respond as for tissue homeostasis and the endless cycle of chronic wounds will be broken, resulting in:
– tissue revascularization
– cellular migration and multiplication
– wound closure
– an improved cornea quality

Patient Welfare:

Published medical literature shows that many resistant and neurotrophic ulcers have completely healed after being treated with CACICOL®, avoiding cornea transplants. In most cases treated, it very significantly reduces the healing time and the pain.

CACICOL® is very simple to use: One or two drops on the cornea, every other day.